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Get rid of everything that you don't need

As soon as you know you'll be moving take the time to check clothing, books your won't read again, unused items taking unnecessary space and items that is better to donate or sell

Pack room-by-room

Focus on one area at the time will be help when unpacking and avoid any items mix

Use Packing Paper

Use special packing paper to wrap all items. Newspaper may bleed ink onto your possessions.

Create a Moving to-do list

Moving isn't easy inevitably end up having 600 different things and a lot to do, You need to know what to return like cable box to your provider, Special Items, and more

Label Moving Boxes

Finding your stuff easily is labeling all your packed boxes accurately and clearly

Pack a personal overnight bag

A change of clothes, shoes and your laptop can go a long way in making your new place feel more like home.

Successfully House moved by Clover

Need Help ? No Problem

A Mover Specialist will Call You also You can Contact our sales moving experts at 1-(888) 966-8370